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Farmington staff will ensure that all students learn at high levels.


The teachers and staff of Farmington Elementary School believe that all children should be given the opportunity to learn and grow in order for them to become productive, self-reliant citizens within our rapidly developing and evolving global community. At Farmington Elementary we celebrate and embrace our unique rural community, shaped by a diverse population and its multicultural attributes. It is our belief that we must help our students access and understand curriculum at grade level or better so that they can advance to the secondary level and beyond with the needed skills for academic success and positive socio-behavioral and interpersonal skills development.


Commitment to Achievement

Parents, Teachers, Support Staff and Community Members collaborate so that Farmington students achieve high levels of academic success. We manage our resources so that our students and families choose to come to our school for the high levels of learning and inclusive school community that they enjoy.

Location & Resources

Farmington Elementary School is located in Farmington, California, a rural farming community with an estimated population of 200. Farmington School is part of the Escalon Unified School District and is located about ten miles north of Escalon and 15 miles east of the city of Stockton. The school is composed of six classes for grades K-5. The school is staffed by a Principal (who is also currently principal at Collegeville Elementary), a school secretary, school psychologist, and a music teacher shared with other schools in the district. There are six full-time, fully credentialed classroom teachers, one half- time fully credentialed special education teacher, one half-time fully credentialed intervention teacher, three instructional aides, one cafeteria director, one head custodian/bus driver and one part-time custodian.